Hydrogeological Investigation

    1. New round of nationwide groundwater resources investigation and assessment to serve the layout of national industry distribution and economic development

Completed the new round of nationwide groundwater resources assessment, developed investigation of groundwater and its environmental problems in 11 main basins and plains   covering 2,000,000km2) of the northern China so as to provide the basis for the lay out of national industry distribution and economic development. Completed the groundwater resources and stony desertification investigation in southwest karst rocky mountainous area, found out the condition and changing trends of stony desertification, investigated the potential karst  roundwater resources, and provided informational basis for the comprehensive control of stony desertific and poverty reduction.

2. Demonstration of groundwater exploration in waterdificient  areas or in areas with poor quality water to ensure drinking water supply

Carried out the investigation and demonstration in several areas with serious water shortage, or with high concentration of fluoride or arsenic in groundwater, including northwest inland basins such as Hexi Corridor and Tarim Basin, Loess Plateau, Inner Mongolia Plateau, Taihang Mountain area of Hebei, Mountain in western Liaoning, laterite region in Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan, Song-nen Basin, Hetao Plain, Datong Basin, and Yinchuan Plain, as well as the Kashin-Beck disease areas in Sichuan. 1400 deep wells and 1.8 millions wells have been dug and 15 millions people began to enjoy healthy water.

3. Groundwater Investigation in Ordos Basin to meet the water demand of energy development, industrial and domestic water use

Investigated and assessed the potential of groundwater resources in Ordos Basin and the amount of rational water usage. A series of large groundwater sources have been explored. The groundwater assessment and management system has been established, and these achievements ensured the successful construction of national energy and chemical base in Ordos.

Distribution map of groundwater resources of China

Water found in Dushan County of Guizhou Province

Distribution map of development potential of
groundwater resources in the different valleys of
Southwestern Karst regions

 Distribution map of groundwater resource and
groundwater source fields in Ordos Basin