International Exchange and Cooperation

CGS actively carries out the exchange and cooperation with foreign geological surveys, international and regional geoscientific organizations, research institutes and universities.

International cooperation network expansion

The cooperative MOU and project agreements with geological surveys, and international/regional geoscientific organizations and universities of 36 countries of Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Lain America have been signed, and a wide internationalcooperation network has been set up.

International exchange and cooperation developing in depth

The bilateral and multilateral cooperation has been strengthened through the cooperative projects of geologic mapping, mineral resources assessment, marine geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, urban geology, global climate change and earth system science with the developed countries which are advanced in geoscience technology. The cooperation with neighboring countries, Africa, and Lain America countries is focused on the maps compilation of regional geology and mineral deposits, comparison study, mineral resources assessment, digital geological mapping, geochemical mapping, training and technology transfer which can improve the regional geoscientific cooperation.

International cooperation capacity raise

In recent years, more and more scientists of CGS take the important positions in the international geoscientific organizations such as UNESCO, IUGS, CCOP, CGMW, International  Consortium on Landslides, Global Geoparks and so on. At same time, some important  international conferences and meetings, such as The Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event in 2009, The International Geochemical Mapping Meeting 2009, The International Association of the Genesis of Ore Deposits in 2008, The Congress of International Association of Hydro-geologists in 2006. The 6th International Conference on the Analysis of Geological and Environmental Materials (Geoanalysis) in 2006, The 42nd CCOP Annual Session in 2005 have been organized by CGS in China. In addition, over 300 officials and scientists of geology and mineral resources from 69 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America have been trained at CGS.