Geoscientific Research

To counter significant issues in the geological survey and aim at the frontier topics of international earth science, CGS carries out the comprehensive geoscientific research and tackles the significant geoscientific issues to solve some knotty problemes in the geological survey. Develop the new geological theories to provide theoretical directions in geological survey in order to improve the geological survey and geoscientific research.

      In recent ten years, CGS has obtained a series of remarkable achievements and solved many crucial scientific issues in the geological survey. Some of achievements have reached the world’s top advanced level. Meanwhile,innovation capacity of science and technology and the integral research have been strengthened which increase China’s international status in earth science and to extend its global influence. The global, cross continental, Asian, and nationwide geological maps with small scale have been compiled. CGS made improvement on the nation’s continental stratigraphic frameworks and win 8 golden spikes of the world’s stratum and creative fruits in paleontology with international influence. The research in the uplift of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and mechanism of continental dynamics is further strengthened and new awareness of tectonic evolution has been gained. The particular metallogenic system and model in China have been established which guide the evaluation of mineral resources exploration. Major breakthroughs have also been made in the investigation and research of gas hydrate in the permafrost areas.

Gas hydrates sample from the permafrost
of Qilian Mountain

Golden spike monument at

The Keichousaurus with embryo

Holotype and restored image of Primal

Completed the compilation of metallogenic map of the world large and super-large deposits at 1:25000 scale