Research and Development in Geological Survey

A series of breakthroughs have been obtained in earth observation technology of satellite and airborne, geophysics, geochemistry, drilling, geological test and analysis, and multipurpose utilization of mineral resources in conducting the geological survey and research. A stereo system of prospecting and exploration technology which can play an important role in geological survey has been established.

Airborne geophysical survey

HC-2000 Airborne Magnetometer with Helium Optical Pump has been developed successfully based on HC-85 Airborne Magnetometer, and the technological specification of the contrivance reached advanced level in the world. The airborne gravity, airborne electromagnetic, and airborne radiometric survey system produced by CGS also keeps synchronous with the international advanced level.

Ground geophysical survey

The remarkable achievements have been made through the improvement of geophysical method aiming to the exploration of hidden deposits. A practical superconductive magnetometer with high temperature which can help probe more deep has been developed. This development takes the lead in the world. The high-frequency and nonmagnetic Dewar stopped a nation’s gap, which was invented independently. Breakthroughs have been made in the technology of 3D inverse of gravity and magnetism.

Regional geochemistry technology supports the nationwide geochemical survey plan

The survey and research of regional geochemistry have been carried out in specific natural geographical landscapes such as in dry desert areas, forest and marsh areas, alpine cold zones of lake, marsh and hill of middle and east Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei and Shanxi, Northeast, northern Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang and so on.

Application of hyperspectral remote sensing

A systematic set of method and techniques of the regional hyperspectral remote sensing minerals mapping is being used in dry and uncovered areas in China. It is potential for wide use. The portable near infrared (mineral) spectrometer that is own intellectual property rights has filled the gap in China. It really promotes the modernization ofremote sensing in geological survey, which is also top in the world.

R&D of drilling technology

International advanced scientific drilling technology system has been set up through the implementation of the continental scientific drilling project in China, which drives the progress and evolution of scientific drilling technology in China. The self-researched all hydraulic top drive core drill speeded up the update of geological drilling equipments.

Geological ananlysis and test technology

Inorganic analysis, organic analysis, isotopic analysis, micro probe analysis, morphological analysis, field analysis and other modern analysis and test methods have been established. Some new innovative techniques and methods also shaped.

Multipurpose utilization of mineral resources

The capability of comprehensive use of paragenetic, associated and difficulty processed minerals has been raised. The comprehensive use technology for complex and difficulty utilization minerals has been improved. The new approach of using the complex polymetallic silver, lead, zinc and copper ore,disseminated cobalt and silver, and bearing cobalt, copper and nickel has been found. The breakthrough of recovery technology in increasing minerals of lowgrade and complex minerals utilization has been made. It can greatly increase the reusable reserve of China and alleviate China’s resources shortage. The nonmetallic processing and extraction, the research mineral material application, ultra finny powder preparation and the design of special processing equipment and instruments promote the high efficiency development and utilization of nonmetallic ores.

Airborne electromagnetic
survey system

HC-2000 airborne He-optical
pump magnetometer

The practical high-temperature
superconductive magnetometer

3 CSATM exploration
comprehensive profile

Geological survey map of special landscape

Hyperspectral distribution
map of ores

Portable near infrared spectrometer

Drilling equipments

Vehicle-mounted field laboratory

Portable XRF analyser

The pyretic milltailings for
new bricks


Magnet screen