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Most Advanced Home-made Marine Geological Survey Ships Launched

Updated :03,10,2017

Haiyang Geological 8 and 9 , the two scientific research ships completely home-designed and made were launched last month, and sea trial of the two ships will begin some time this year.

Haiyang Geological 8 is the world first three-dimensional geophysical survy vessel with six sesmic cables of high precision and short track. It can accomplish such assignments as hydrate survey in whole sea areas,reginal geological survey, oil and gas survey in key costal areas,etc, showing the best abilities China has in the survey ship designing and building.

Haiyang Geological 9 will be equipped with a set of underwater drilling equipment, which can be used for geological sampling through drilling stratum of 160m deep under 2,500m deep water. Being a survey ship with unrestricted service, it's able to carry out scientific reaerch on deep sea ocean and polar region, and geological survey for special purposes.

The direcor general of China Geological Survey Dr Zhong ziran introduced that the two scientific reaerch ships will enter the stages of outfitting and sea trial soon. Haiyang geological 10 is scheduled to launch early May. The three are expected to enter service within the year.