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New Records Set by Chinese Scientific Research Ship Haiyang-6

Updated :02,09,2017
The Chinese scientific research ship Haiyang-6 collected an impressive amount of results during its mission in the waters around the Antarctica.

The ship arrived in Chile for replenishments on Wednesday, marking the official completion of its scientific exploration in the waters around the Antarctica. It will begin its new mission in the Western Pacific Ocean.

Haiyang-6 set many new records. It was the first time that China obtained data on geothermal heat flow within the seabeds around Antarctica using actual measurements. It also marked the first time China had acquired information of underwater terrain in the area using the multi-beam echo sounder measuring mode. Meanwhile, a geologist group made up of ten members, conducted their first exploration of sea around Antarctica.

"The research of deep-sea resources means conducting exploration in designated waters, investigating the landforms, shallows, seabeds, and collecting sediment," said Yang Shengxiong, chief engineer of Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, China Geological Survey.

Geolgists involved in the mission