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Ten Tasks for CGS 2017 Set

Updated :03,27,2017

    National Geological Survey Conference 2017 was held in Beijing lately. Director General of China Geological Survey Dr Zhong Ziran stated that for 2017 and in a rather long time from now, geological survey will be carried out with techonological innnovation playing the role of transformission, supporti and leading in geological survey,and accelerating the building of a new type of geological survey of world first class.In order to achive this, ten tasks are set for 2017, including:

    a.To spare no efforts to win the battle of geological technology ,including to conduct exploration and trail production of natural gas hydrate, survey of shale gas in southern China,survey of oil and gas in Tibet, survey of sandstone type of uranium in northern China, survey of oil and gas in new stratum and new areas of northern China;

    b.To futher promote the reform of geological technological mechanism. To speed up the building of national,regional and professional centers of geological technological innovation repectivly;

    c.To establish platform for geological technological make preparations for applying for and carrying out key technological projects for probing into deep earth, and for the construction of national laboratory of deep earth exploration & energy and resources accelarate the preparations for the construction of the national key labs in areas of mineral resources exploration, continental dynamics, underground water resources, karst geology,and national engeneering technological centers regarding natrual gas hydrate exploration and development,shale gas exploration,urban underground space utilization,and Geothermal energy exploration and speed up the constrction of 8 bases of geological technological innovation and the building of the center of transformation and application of geological techenological achivements;
    d.To accelerate the building of“Geological Cloud”and the providing of geological survey results to the public;

    e.To enhance talent team building;

    f.To build the new type of national non-for-profit geological work system;

    g.To enhance the leader group constrction;

    h.To ensure strict Party self-governance;

    i.To implement strict prevention and control of risks to ensure party conduct and government integrity;

    j.To intensify efforts to promote geological culture with 2017 being the “Year of Responsibility”.

    Anunual Report of China Geological Survey 2016 and the Geological Survey Report on Supporting Poverty Alleviation and Geological Survey Report on Supporting the Breakthroughs in Energy and Resources Areas were also released.