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Open Recruitment of Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief by Geoscience Documentation Center of China Geological Survey

Updated :12,12,2016
       Geology in China (English) is a general academic periodical founded by China Geological Survey (CGS) and run by Geoscience Documentation Center, CGS. It isaimed atpublicizingChina's major achievements in geological survey, buildingan international information exchange platform for achievementsin geosciences and steeringthe development of geological technologies. Its objective is to builda domestically authoritative and internationally renowned periodical. Its primary missionsinvolvehighlightingmajor scientific issues in geological survey field ofChina, publicizingmajor achievements and work progress in the geological survey industry, introducing new theories, discoveries, technologies and methods of geological surveys, and reportinggeological science & technologyeventsin China. Given its pursuits, the periodical is an important carrier for publicizing China's geological survey results and projecting China's frontier issues ingeological survey.

  Due to work needs, we are recruiting an executive deputy editor-in-chieffor Geology in China(English)from both home and abroad.


  1. Good communicative ability and teamwork spirit;

  2. Professional geological background;

  3. Holding a PhD degree and serving as a professor at domestic or overseas universities;

  4. Having served as aneditor-in-chief or a deputy editor-in-chieffor international geological journalsand having rich editing experiences;

  5. Having publishedmany SCI articles, assumedleading positionsininternational academic organizations and maintained extensive contacts with industry experts and peers;

  6. Having a deep knowledge of international science & technology journal databases and the journal publishing industry;

  7. Working in China in working hours prescribed by the Chinese government.

  (II) Assessment Targets

  1. 1stYear:Inclusion in domestic databases, such as Wanfang, Tongfang and Vip.

  2. 2ndYear:Inclusion in foreign databases, such as Georef, Cambridge, the Netherlands and Russia.

  3. 3rd-4thYear:Inclusion in EI.

  4. 5th-6thYear:Inclusion in SCI.

  (III)Remuneration and Benefits

  1. The recruited willenjoy the benefits of“high-level talents of urgent need”policyand be paid RMB 800,000annually.

  2. A free three-bedroom apartmentduring employment.

(IV) Recruitment Procedures

(i) Release of Recruitment Information:Releasing recruitment information on the websites of both CGS and Geoscience Documentation Center ofCGS.

(ii) Application and Qualification Checks:

  1. Application Time:December 12 to December27, 2016.

  2. Application: Completing the Application Form for Geoscience Documentation Center, China Geological Survey, compressing the form and related proof materials, and sending them to Huang Yuqun Tel: 010-66554866

  3. Qualification Checks: Screening the received Application Forms and proof materials, and conducting examination qualification. Only qualified ones appear for interviews.

  4. CertificationMaterials:Involving the identity certificates, diplomas, proof of university professor appointment, proof of serving international geological journals, proof of publishing papers on SCI, proof of serving international academic organizations, as well as other documents and certificates assumed to be useful.All documents are to be presented in scanned copiesfor application and in originals for the interview. The certification materialsprovided by the applicants must be authenticand reliable.

(iii) Interview:The time and place of the interview is subject to a further notice.

(iv) Physical Examination and Investigation:Determining the list of applicants for the physical examination and investigation based on the interview results.

  1. Physical Examination:Applicants to take the physical examination shall go to the hospital designated by Geoscience Documentation Center of CGSfor medical examinationwith identity cards.

  2. Investigation:Geoscience Documentation Center ofCGSshall investigate all applicants qualified through the physical examination and review their qualifications according to application requirements.

  3. All applicants not qualified through the physical examination orinvestigation shall be replaced on the basis of their interview results.

(V) Recruitment

  The employeeshall be determined on the basis of the results of the interview, investigation and physical examination, and be made public in five days. If publicity results do not affect recruitment, recruitment formalities shall be gone through in accordance with relevant regulations.

  (VI) Others

  The recruitment will remain valid for six years under the employment contract system. After the employee serves for three years, a third-party expert will be invited for mid-term evaluation. If the recruited fails to meet the assessment targetsand is considered to have great difficulty in entering SCI in the coming three years, he or she willbe dismissed.

 Appendix: Application Form for Geoscience Documentation Center ofChina Geological Survey


 Application Form for Geoscience Documentation Center, China Geological Survey


Full Name


 Position Applied



  Permanent Residence






Date Of Birth


Highest Academic Degree Obtained


  Time/Date Of Participating In Work


  Administrative Duties


Marital Status


  Professional and Technical Titles


  Computer Skill Level


Educational Background

  Diploma Level

  Graduation Date









Place Of Birth


 Phone Number


Mailing Address/E-mail




Curriculum Vitae


Honors And Awards


Principal Family Members

Full Name



 Job Title