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China Mineral Resources 2016 Released

Updated :12,22,2016

China Mineral Resources 2016 is recently released by Ministry of land and Resources (MLR),which has formulated China Mineral Resources (CMR) since 2011, in order to make the public better understand the situation of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and the policies regarding the management of mineral resources, enhance the capacity of public services and impel the disclosure of administrative information.

The Chinese government pays high attention to National Exploration and Development Planning which started in 2011.With positive responses, geological exploration agencies,mining industries and scientific research institutes had successfully completed the targets of the first 2 phases—making major progress in 3 years and significant prospecting breakthrough in 5 years. This has set strong basis for the rebuilding of further mineral exploration and development in the 3rd phase (2016~2020).

The report focuses on introducing major progresses during the 12th FYP period, including the exploration, exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, the protection of the geological environment of mines and the geological and mineral survey and assessment.

We hope that this report would be helpful for the readers who are interested in the general situation of China’s mineral resources.


English version of China Mineral Resources 2016