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MLR Issued 15 Polices to Accelerate the Development of Wumeng Mountain Area

Updated :12,24,2014

Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) recently issued “Opinions on Supporting the Development of Wumeng Mountain Area and Poverty Alleviation” (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), including 15 specific supporting policies in such four aspects as land management, geological survey, mineral resource development, geo-hazard prevention and geo-environmental protection  and the relevant supporting measures.

The scope of “Opinions” includes 38 counties (municipalities, districts) in Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces specified in Wumeng Mountain Area Poverty Alleviation Plan ,which serves as another measure to support regional development and poverty alleviation.

In terms of geological survey and mineral resource development, “Opinions” decides to increase the investment to basic, non-profit projects and integrated exploration through the program of geological survey and mineral assessment; to support the new mining rights for the projects “coal-electricity-phosphorus, coal-electricity, coal-electricity-steel and coal-electricity-aluminum” and promote the construction of harmonious mining areas; to increase technical support for water-finding, poverty alleviation and the development of characteristic agriculture.

In terms of geo-hazard prevention and geo-environmental protection , “Opinions” makes it clear to support the construction of super large-scale geo-hazard control projects; to support qualified mining companies to apply for green mining pilot at the national level; to guide the practice of recovery by taking advantages of the deposit for the recovery of geo-environment in mining areas.


In terms of human resources and legal services in land and resources, “Opinions” requires further development of two-way exchange of cadres by continuing to select outstanding young cadres to work for Wumeng Mountain Area and receive cadres from Wumeng Mountain Area to work for MLR; it also declares the support for the construction of legal experimental base in Wumeng Mountain Area; relevant departments of three provinces in Wumeng Mountain Area are supposed to work in great coordination for the advancement of the above work.