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The Progress and Ideas of Geo-science Cooperation in Silk Road Economic Belt

Updated :12,09,2014
During the period of China Mining 2014, Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) China –Shanghai Cooperation Organization Cooperative Research Centre for Geosciences was officially established. The center was constructed based on Xi’an Center of Geological Survey, CGS and around the aims of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to enrich and expand the connotation of the SCO, to promote mining economy development in SCO member states and to promote information sharing and joint training of personnel.The centerwill build an international geoscience cooperation platform in Silk Road Economic Zones for western China and Central Asian countries to implementproject-based geoscience cooperation, to achieve win-win situation in geoscience recognition and personnel training and to provide support for theSilk Road Economic Belt.
The Progress of Cooperation

China and SCO member states have enjoyed a long cooperationrelation ingeoscience to form astable cooperation platform wherea number of international cooperation projects have been implemented. Since 2006, under the commission of CGS, Xi’an Center of China Geological Survey has been responsible for geological and mineral survey and research work in Central Asia and deployed more than 20 cooperation projects in 4 countries in Central Asia,mainly including a series of collaborative research, cross-border map compilation and offshore geological survey carried out in such important metallogenic belts across the country like Altai metallogenic belt, Balkhash- Junggarmetallogenic belt, Tianshanmetallogenic belt, Hindu Kush - western Kunlun metallogenic beltand preliminarily formed series of results at 3 levels: global level, cross-border metallogenic beltand key metallogenic belt. 
Ideas of Cooperation

Principles: equality, mutual trust , mutual benefit, win-win outcome
Goal : achieve significant win-win outcomes
Ways : Through cooperation platform, carry out cooperation projects according to different levels like national units, metallogenic belts and key areas, etc.
Areas: basic geology , mineral resources, geo-hazards, experimental tests
Construction of Cooperation Platform
Further build project cooperation platform: build the platforms of China – Pakistan, China – Uzbekistan and China – Kazakhstan; deepen the existing platforms of China –Kyrgyzstan and China - Tadzhikistan. 
Build the cooperation platform of personnel training and growth.
Deepen the construction of cross-border business team
Cooperation Directions

At state level

Regional geological research and mapping: Cooperative researches on the geological and mineral resources mapping at the scale of 1: 1 million to 1∶2.5million,  ore-forming regularity and major basic geological issues in each country.

Low-density geochemical zone mapping: Rely on the implementation of the “global geochemical mapping program” to conduct thelow-density geochemical cooperative mapping works at the scale of 1: 100, 000, 0 along the Silk Road in each country.

Geo-hazard prevention and mitigation.

Comprehensive information database construction: Build and improve mineral resources information database service system of the partners.

In cross-border ore-forming belts

Cross-border geological mapping and multilateral geological mapping.
Major scientific issues research.
Research on the major mineral resources ore-forming background and resource potentials in ore-forming belts.

In major prospect areas

Comprehensive evaluation of resource potentials in major prospect areas.
In the prospect areas with resource potentials, investigation and assessment of the superior mineral resources potentiality will be conducted in an effective way for cooperation to find mines worth to explore or deposits which can be developed.

Prospecting model and prospecting direction of typical deposits.

Techniques and methods for prospecting and exploration.

In personnel training and academic exchanges

Joint training in multiple ways.
Jointly organize or participate the international academic conferences.

In expected results

Geological maps: Scale of 1: 500, 000, 0 geological (mineral resources) maps of Silk Road Economic Belt; scale of 1: 1 million to 1: 2.5 million geological and mineral resource maps and ore-forming regularity map of partner countries.

Prospecting information:Delineate a number of comprehensive information prospecting areas in partner countries; and find a certain number of deposits and mines which will have impact on the international resource layout. 

Personnel and team building:Train a number of world-class talents in geoscience research; and build a few of international cooperation teams.