International Cooperations

Video Meeting Adopted by CGS as A New Way for Bilateral Talk

Updated :07,22,2016

In July 2016, the Deputy Director of CGS (short for China Geological Survey) Dr. Wang Xiaolie had a bilateral talk with the Director of  National Directorate of Geology (NDG) of Mozambique MrAirlies Dowdy via remote video at Huawei (short for Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.) Mansion, Beijing.The meeting focused on the cooperation in the area of geo logical survey, especially the informationizationin of geology and minerals.

Both sides reached a preliminary intent of cooperation in areas of geo-data informationization and office informationization, 1:50,000 geological mapping, airborne geophysical prospecting, geological environment research, personnel training and geoparks. Mozambican side expressed their strong willingness for cooperation in areas of geo-data informationization, office informationization, geological sample management and geopark.

To improve the cooperation of both sides, Dr. Wang Xiaolie suggested that both sides sign the MOU on Geosciences, and invited Mr Dowdy and Minister of Mozambique Mineral Resources and Energy to attend 2016 CHINA MINING Congress & Expo in China, and to further negotiate bilateral cooperation and sign MOU.

The pilot meeting, jointly conducted by CGS and Huawei is a push for geological information technology “going abroad”, and a successful test for CGS to conduct video meeting with overseas geological organizations.