International Cooperations

Cross-border Geological Mapping Training Course for ASEAN Countries Launched

Updated :08,02,2016

A 14-day Cross-border Geological Mapping Training Course (CGMTC) for ASEAN countries was launched in Chengdu in June. CGMTC was financially supported by Special Fund for Asian Regional Cooperation and was aimed at enhancing friendly neighborhood between China and ASEAN countries, promoting pragmatic cooperation in geology and mining field and improving the geological mapping level of ASEAN countries. The training course was sponsored by China Geological Survey and undertaken by Chengdu Geological Survey Center. A total of 19 geological technicians from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam attended the course.

Leaders of Department of Science & Technology and International Cooperation, China Geological Survey(CGS) and Chengdu Geological Survey Center, CGS were present at the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. They briefed the trainees on the extensive and constant exchange and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the fields of geological scientific research, fundamental geological survey, cross-border geological mapping, geoscience talents cultivation and academic exchange, and also pointed out that the course could provide a good platform for the geologists of China and ASEAN countries to share geological mapping technology and experience.

Many experts with rich geological mapping experience were invited to give the lectures, focusing on main functions of geological maps and geological mapping principles, application of GIS technology in cross-border geological mapping, karst-geological mapping of Southeast Asia region, hydro-geological mapping, tectonic unit classification of China-Southeast Asia region, geological mapping progress and cooperation prospect of China-Southeast Asia, etc. The representatives shared extensively their own countries' geological mapping experience.