Top 10 Technological Advancements of CAGS 2013

Top3. Discovery of the Duolong Ultralarge Epithermal Cu-Au Deposit in Tibet

Updated :03,05,2014

    Researcher Tang J.X. and his team from the Institute of Mineral Resources, together with Chinalco and Tibet No.5 Geological Party, and under the support of the commercial exploration program, Special Fund for Tibet-Qinghai geological mineral survey assessment and the 973 Project, discovered an ultralarge epithermal Cu-Au deposit in Duolong concentrated region of Tibet. They generally identified the geology of the South Tegelong Cu-Au deposit, discovered typical mineral associations of alunite, covellite, garbyite and digenite ores in the deposit and determined it to be the first high-sulfur epithermal deposit in Tibet. After general exploration, the controlled resource is Cu more than 5 million tons and Au more than 50 tons. The maximum controlled thickness is more than 900m. The average grade of the deposit is Cu0.55% and industry orebody is Cu0.64%, becoming the second ultralarge "Zijinshan-style" Cu-Au deposit on the Chinese Mainland with gigantic potential economic value. This is an important indicator for regional ore prospecting and mineral resource development.

Exploration site of South Tegelong Cu-Au deposit in Duolong concentrated region, Tibet