Top 10 Technological Advancements of CAGS 2013

Top2. Independent development of the UAV aerogeophysical magnetic/radioactive survey system

Updated :03,05,2014

    Researchers Li W.J. and Li J.F. and their team from the Institute of Geophysical & Geochemical Exploration, under the support of the Geological Survey Project, broke through key techniques in relation to aerodynamic configuration design, EMC, remote telemetry and remote control and high-precision magnetic survey,  successfully integrated airborne magnetic and radioactive survey equipment on the homemade Rainbow-3 UAV platform, created high-precision terrain following flying control technique, broke through the technical bottleneck of UAV aerogeophysical ultralow flying survey, and independently developed the first UAV aerogeophysical (magnetic/radioactive) survey system; successfully carried out areal application test of the UAV airborne magnetic/radioactive survey station from which they obtained high-quality airborne magnetic and airborne radioactive data, fully verified that the prototype machine is of the leading level in China in terms of the stability, reliability, adaptability and overall performance, providing a new set of technical equipment  for geological investigation and mineral exploration.

Prototype of the UAV airborne magnetic/radioactive survey station