Top 10 Technological Advancements of CAGS 2013

Top5. New advancement on the compilation and research of the Asian Mesozoic granite map

Updated :03,05,2014

    Researcher Wang T. with his team from the Institute of Geology, under the joint support of Geological Survey Project, Ministry of Technology program and National Natural Science Foundation of China, discovered large quantities of Mesozoic granites in and around China and carried out comprehensive studies in relation to this discovery; systematically summarized the spatial-temporal distribution, genetic evolution and source characteristics of the early Mesozoic granites in the Mid-Asian and Central orogens, redetermined the distribution extent of the late Mesozoic granites in Northeastern Asia, revealed the magmatic evolution and tectonic environment, compiled an attribute-driven digital Asian Mesozoic granite chart, analyzed the dynamic process of the Paleozoic-Mesozoic plate collage of the Asian Continent, which has great implications on further understanding the Asian Mesozoic tectonic evolution and the regional metallogenic background. Their findings have been published on an international core periodical, “Earth-Science Review”, producing significant academic influence.

Distribution of the Asian Mesozoic granites with intrusions