2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top6. Drinking Water Problem of Millions of People was Solved by Water Exploration

Updated :04,07,2013

A six-step working system, composed of remote sensing interpretation, investigation and mapping, precise localization,  rapidly drilling  scientific well forming, has been explored by continuously promoting basic hydrological geology survey and groundwater exploration in the areas with serious water shortage. In old revolutionary base areas in Liupanshan, Ningxia, rocky desertification area in Yunan and Wandashan, Heilongjiang, 566 prospecting-mining wells of groundwater have been drilled, a super large emergency water supply resource and 400 decentralized water supply sources have been proved with a total water yield of 237,000 tons per day in 2012. Liupanshan has scarce water, rocky desertification area in Yunnan has suffered a continuous drought for 4 years and the geological conditions in Wandashan are extremely complicated. The achievements realized a new breakthrough for groundwater exploration and solved the difficulty of getting drinking water for 1.22 million of people in total.

58 underground water wells were drilled in old revolutionary base areas in Guyuan, Ningxia; Super large emergency water supply resource was proved in Wandashang, Heilongjiang