2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top5. New Breakthrough in Survey Evaluation for New Energy of New Formations in New Areas

Updated :04,07,2013

Saturated core was drilled in new Carboniferous formations and the multilayer gas survey showed that it’s expected to obtain industrial gas flow in the western Yine Basin. Petroliferous basin was discovered in peripheral area of Songliao Basin, anthraxolite was discovered in the Paleozoic strata of Chaidamu Basin, drilling targets were delineated in Qiangtang Basin and favorable carbonate reservoir was optimized in middle-upper Yangtze region. According to comprehensive investigation evaluation of energy such as coal and uranium resources in large basins, 6 exploration targets were optimized in major basins in Northern China. 15 boreholes were drilled in Ningdong area, Erlian Basin of Inner Mongolia, Dongsheng area and so on with 6 holes intersected industrial orebody. Chaidamu Basin achieved important air content parameters and optimized the locations of gas exploration well in shale. Changye 1 Well Drilling obtained black shale with a thickness of over 500 meters and great potential of shale gas resources in Changde, Hunan.

Changye 1 Well Drilling obtained thick black shale in Changde, Hunan