2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top7. Successfully Completed the Survey Tasks of Three Years’ Combating Climate Change

Updated :04,07,2013

Geological survey research on coping with climate change has achieved many important basic data and results. The shallow geothermal resource survey and evaluation for 31 cities above provincial capital level promoted the rapid development of heat pump technology in the field of building energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions decreased more than 40 million tons. The geological storage potential evaluation of carbon dioxide in 417 land and shallow sea sedimentary basins throughout China has been completed with 260 appropriate targets primarily determined. The demonstration project of geological carbon dioxide storage in deep saline aquifer successfully was successfully implemented in Erodes for the first time. The study shows that the total soluble carbon sink of the whole country is 40 million tons per year, among which nearly 10 million tons was increased, accounting for the implement of southwest rocky desertification governance of the 11th Five Year Program. By studying stalagmite, Lake Varve, ice core and other geological conditions, the global climate change process within the last 130,000 years has been reproduced.

Potential and suitability evaluation of geological storage in sedimentary basins of carbon dioxide in China