2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top8. Made New Achievements on Geological Theory Innovation such as International Cooperation in Asi

Updated :04,07,2013

The 1:5,000,000 Asia geological map initiated by China Geological Survey and jointly compiled by 20 Asian and European countries has been finished and widely concerned and praised by experts and scholars who participated in the 34th International Geological Congress. The present President of Commission for the Geological Map of the World, Mr. P. Rossi evaluated IGMA 5000 as a masterpiece like Mona Lisa and had a meaning of landmark. The geological map of the Northeast Asia and adjacent regions with a scale of 1:2500.000 was jointly compiled by China, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and South Korea is the world’s first intercontinental geological map of 1:2500.000. The trinity integrated research with indoor, outdoor and deep aspects jointly conducted by the five countries resolved a major geological problem which can never be settled by single country and obtained strata, geological structure, comprehensive compilation and other innovative achievements. Using Zircons Hf isotope tracer technology, the structure of lithosphere of south Tibetan Plateau, the earth's crust growing process and ore-controlling function was revealed. The understandings of metamorphism of south Tibetan Plateau, investigation of the tectonic evolvement, full determination of Lhasa block and metallogenic regularity of collision orogenic belt have been deepened. 

The 1:5,000,000 Asia geological map