2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top9. Twelve Sets of Self-Developed Geological Exploration Technologies Filled the Domestic Gap in T

Updated :04,07,2013

We self-developed and integrated nine sets of  aero-geophysical exploration technical systems including All-digital Aeromagnetic Survey System, Airborne Gravimetric System, Helicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic Exploration System based on the different flying platforms of helicopter and fixed wing, Aero γ-Ray Energy Spectrum Measurement System, Aero- Geophysical Integrated Remote Sensing Exploration System and so on. More sets of advanced instrument systems have been realized localization. Aero-geophysical techniques and equipment of our country has been promoted to make dramatically development. Aero-geophysical Unattended Measurement has been fully implemented by changing the mode of production. Mine Dynamic Monitoring System was researched and developed based on domestic satellite of our country and primarily formed service with large scale and emergency investigating ability. We successfully developed sampling equipment while drilling in deep water and filled the domestic gap in such field and broke the international monopoly. We integrated multiple onboard laboratories utilized for technology analysis which can provide rapid analysis method in site to improve the efficiency of mineral exploration and evaluation.

Helicopter-borne Towed Bird Time Domain Electromagnetic Exploration System developed by the project