2012 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top10. Ore Processing Technology of Integrated Utilization of Aluminium and Molybdenum Reached Break

Updated :04,07,2013

By improving ore processing-Bayer technology, the alumina-silica ratio of high-sulpher bauxite decreases from 4.0 to approximately 3.0, which solves the worldwide problem of low-sulpher and extremely-low-grade bauxite flotation desilication. When the mine run alumina-silica ratio reaches 1.9~3.0, the recovery ratio will be 60%~72% which can make it possible for China to utilize over 0.4 billion tons of bauxite that are difficult to use. A new processing technology, raw ore-crushing-grading-magnetic separation-thickness grading of Molybdenum- separating sulfur from coarse grain molybdenum tailings - -separating iron from fine grain molybdenum tailings, has been generated. This processing technology effectively can resolve the technological problems of low Molybdenum recovery and low utilization rate of return water and synthetically recover elements like associated iron and sulpher. An industrial pilot plant has been constructed with a yield of 850 tons per day, an annual value of 0.121 billion Yuan and an annual profit of 30.85 million according to this technical process.

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