Achievements Obtained by China Geological Survey in 2013

5. Innovative management has been applied into geological survey, and management ability improved on a constant basis

Updated :04,09,2014

 The planning and deployment capability has been further enhanced. The general planning project over geology and mineral resource investigation  (2013-2020) was consummated, nine special implementation plans were compiled thus to clarify the main scope and tasks for basic geological survey over the key areas like the integrated exploration areas, prospective areas for ore and important economic zones. The collaborative and deployment platform for national geological survey was further improved and introduced, and the unified deployment of geologic survey on the national scale was underway. A more transparent and democratic working mechanism was constructed thus ensuring the project approval procedures more standardized. 

 The system of project management has been further improved. Based on the improvement of hierarchical management of  project management demonstrated in the Regional Centers of China Geological Survey, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and Chinese People's Armed Police Force for Gold, the administrative power has been further delegated to the lower level, the classification-based pilot evaluation and supervision work was implemented in 2013, a joint supervision and inspection mechanism were probed with provincial-level land and resource management departments and the project management information system is further improved so as to ensure standardized work procedures. The selection of evaluation experts in Batch II has been accomplished and 566 new experts were added to the talent pool, now the total number of experts has reached 2944. 

 Outcome management has been more standardized. The specification for the delivery of the geological data has been consummated and requirements further clarified thus to promote the integrated delivery of project outcomes, important firsthand data and cores and samples. The result registration management has been strengthened and rewards and penalties system further improved, in 2013 we accomplished the Second Public Appraisal and Awards for China Geological Survey Achievements.  

 The financial management level has been further enhanced. The project competition was intensified, and 513 priority projects was granted with a total investment of CNY 1766 million, an increase of 1000 million up the previous year. A budget unit top-leader responsibility system and project manager accountability mechanism were adopted; other measures such as budget enforcement combined with merit pay and monthly expenditure planning & management circular were introduced to guarantee the overall fiscal budget enforcement. 596 projects were accepted after conclusion and inspection, 10% higher than the previous year. The final accounts, budget, "the three public expenses" and other financial information of all sectors were fully disclosed, thus realizing the online supervisory monitoring over the expenditure.

 Security and confidentiality have been further enhanced. As for security, a responsibility system for production safety has been strictly implemented. The safety production management and support information system for geological survey has been applied among 125 units, and Beidou terminal has already been adopted in all field projects in harsh and dangerous regions. Besides, special inspections have been carried out and safety production management was further strengthened in key areas and at key time intervals, thus a zero casualty in production throughout the whole year was realized in 2013. As to confidentiality, we have carried out the specific inspections over the confidential mapping results and the use & management of geologic data; eight specific regulations were issued and the appraisal index system on confidentiality management has been further improved.