Achievements Obtained by China Geological Survey in 2013

6. The development foundation has been further consolidated, team building propelled on a steady basis

Updated :04,09,2014
    New progress was made in government-funded team building. The bureau recruited 514 new personnel, and the overall number of staff has reached 7489. The Oil & Gas Geological Survey Center was officially established and put into use. The capability-building review over 53 provincial level public-interest geological survey units has been accomplished, the proportion of technical staff in local public-interest teams has increased drastically and the structure is being improved constantly, in addition, the quality of team members have been enhanced marketable. Various training programs were held more than 500 times for the chief engineers of geological survey institutes, heads of the environmental geological central stations and staff in project budgetary planning etc, more than 14,000 trainees attended the courses. We have made a breakthrough in the National "Ten Thousand Talents Plan" and the "One Thousand Talents Plan" for the young, and accomplished the talent selection for the High-level Geologic Talents (Batch I) and the Young Geologic Talents (Batch III). More services were offered to the retired employees and recruited managerial personnel for such services. In 2013, 11 problems were solved concerning bonus arrears for those retired personnel who used to work in the subordinate units of China Geological Survey outside Beijing.

    Steady progress has been achieved in the construction of mission platform. The Global-scale Geochemical Mapping Center was officially approved by the UNESCO in 2013. The Karst Dynamic System and Global Change International Research Center was recognized as the National-level Associated Research Center by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We have 37 key laboratories, the National-level Geotectonic & Dynamics Key Laboratory has passed the internal acceptance, as for the 25 ministerial-level key laboratories, 10 of which have been accomplished, the other 15 are under construction; and the bureau-level key laboratories have been launched on an orderly basis. There are 34 business centers in the entire CGS, among which two has already been built and 32 are under construction for the present. The Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Deep Geological and Mineral Exploration has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Four popular science bases on land and resources have been added. The infrastructure construction for Beijing Geological Research Base and the International Research Center on Karst has made good progress, the fund collected for special equipment purchase and repair hit CNY 380 million in total. Both the pilot projects of Shenyang Geological Survey Center and the Standardized Construction of Field Production Bases for Oil & Gas Geological Survey are getting on very smoothly.