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China Geological Survey Science and Technology Innovation Conference Held in Beijing

Updated :11,21,2016

Science and Technology Innovation Conference and the 100th anniversary of the beginning of China's Geological Survey was held in Beijing on November 8. Minister of Land and Resources Mr Jiang Daming and Director-general of China Geological Survey Dr Zhong Ziran attended the Conference and delivered speeches respectively.

On the Conference, the Decision of the CPC Leading Group of China Geological Survey on Granting the Titles of "Li Siguang Scholar", Outstanding Geological Talents and Excellent Geological Talents was released; and 13th Five Year Plan for Science and Technology Innovation and Development of China Geological Survey was introduced and academic discussions were made on the revision of technical specifications for geological survey, mineral geological survey and hydrogeological survey at the scale of 1:50,000 in accordance of the achievements made through such strategies as "Three Deep" science and technology innovation initiatives like deep exploration of the earth, deep ground observation, deep sea exploration and geological survey supporting “One Belt One Road” initiative, the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The first national geological survey was set up by former Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce of national government in February 1916.In July of the same year, Geological Survey welcomed the first 18 geological graduates fostered by China itself, which opened the curtain of the cause of China’s geological survey. The 100-year history of China's geological survey is the history of serving the nation and the people, the history of scientific and technological progress, the history of talent development, and the history of cultural transmission. 

In order to systematically review and summarize the century-long history of China's geological survey and answer the strategic question of "where are we from and where to go", China Geological Survey organized a series of celebration activities, including the compilation of the Outline of China's Geological Survey of 100 Years of history and Pictures of  China’s Geological Survey of 100 Years of history, the selection of 100 achievements, 100 theories, 100 technologies and 100 geological talents, and the publishing of biographies of 100 academicians. Various activities were also held by orgnizations under China Geological Survey as part of the celebration.