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2014 Top 10 Geological Science and Technology Progresses Were Announced

Updated :02,04,2015
On January 27, the results of 2014 top 10 geological science and technology progresses were announced during the National Geological Work Conference. The selection was jointly held by China Geological Survey and Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. 10 out of 45 projects were selected based on the votes by 34 academicians and experts from relevant units, such as Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The 2014 Top 10 Geological Science and Technology Progresses are as follows: 1. light crude was drilled and obtained in volcanic coverage areas on the periphery of Songliao Tuquan basin; 2. the 4500 m level deep sea ROV “Haima Hao” conducted a successful sea trial; 3. a major breakthrough was achieved in Tibet Luobusha chromite ore prospecting according to the new understanding of tectofacies zone; 4.important progress was made in kali salt prospecting through science and technology; 5. the whole process and modernization of sampling analysis system for groundwater pollution investigation was established;6. the  skull and the underwater foraging trail of the world's largest nothosaur were found;7.the oldest zircon of Asia was found in Longquan area of Cathaysia block;  8. the structure and evolution process of ancient North China continental crust were revealed; 9.1:1million scale marine geological survey was conducted on the sea under the jurisdiction of China for the first time by employing high precision detection technology;10.important achievements were made on the faulting research on Wenchuan earthquake. 

Focusing on the important progress of national geological survey and geo-science research, the 2014 Top 10 Geological Science and Technology Progresses have fully showcased the capacity and level of geological survey in science and technology innovation and the application and transfer of geological survey achievements. Such a selection will promote the integration process of geological survey and scientific research, activate the enthusiasm of scientific research organizations and researchers for scientific and technological innovation, advance “Four Synchronous”, including professional construction, scientific development, technological progress and personnel fostering, thus making great contributions to the construction of China Geological Survey to be one of the world first-class Geological Surveys.