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OneGeologyChina Working Group Met with OneGeology Managing Director

Updated :06,06,2014

 On 3rd June 2014, Marko Komac, the OneGeology managing director of OneGeology and the director general of Slovenia Geological Survey visited China Geological Survey (CGS) and met with OneGeologyChina working group. They conducted a discussion on CGS joining OneGeology organization and the further work of OneGeologyChina.  He Qingcheng, deputy director of Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation (in charge), Shu Siqi from the same department, Prof. Zhang Minghua and Liu Rongmei, both from Geo-Information and Engineering Division of Development and Research Center (DRC of CGS) and Zhang Xinyuan from Overseas Geological Survey Division of DRC attended the meeting.

        Marko gave high appraisal of the online data and services of OneGeologyChina recently completed by CGS and commented that China succeeded in providing excellent data services for the implementation of OneGeology initiative. In the hope of that CGS would become the consortium member as soon as possible,he also introduced the advantages and responsibilities of the consortium members in detail. He Qingcheng introduced projects management policy of CGS and hoped that CGS would participate in the related activities of OneGeology in the future, as CGS is capable of providing support and services in the operation and maintenance of OneGeology website, offering assistance in data sharing technologies and standards, and would be capable of inviting experts from developing countries to the related activities within China.