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IGDP Workshop to Enhance Cooperation on Geological Technology between China and ASEAN Countries

Updated :03,15,2016

Workshop/Training of ASEAN-China Project on Integrated Geophysical and Geochemical Data Processing (IGDP) wasclosed on 7 March 2016 in Beijing, China. A visit to and technical exchanges with Geological Survey Institute of Guangxi Autonomous Region, China and ASEAN- China Center was arranged after the closing ceremony.


Mr. Fei Yue, Deputy division chief of Department of International Cooperation, Science & Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR); Dr. Liu Dawen, Senior Geochemist Director, Division of International Programme, Department of S&T and International Cooperation, China Geological Survey (CGS);Mr. Cai Gang, Deputy Director of Development Research Center of CGS; Ms.Rabiah Al Adawiyah T. Hussein, Technical Officer from ASEAN Secretariat have shown their presence. Delegates from relevant research centers and institutes attended the closing ceremony, including those from Development Research Center of CGS, Qingdao Institute of Marine Geological Survey and Chengdu Geological Survey, Karst Geology of Chinese Academy of Geological sciences.


Ms. Rabiah Al Adawiyah T. Husseinbriefed the audience on the responsibilities, profile of Member States and management network of ASEAN as well as the work plan of ASEAN from 2016 to 2020, the operating mechanism of ASOMM and relevant cooperative projects.Expert from Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology introduced the joint cooperation on coastal zones conducted by China and ASEAN countries.Delegates from ASEAN countries made remarks on the training program and their gains. Further discussions were made on future cooperation.


22 sets ofRGIS-IGDP software (English version) were distributedto participants after they successfully completed their training.


It’s the first time ever that China Geological Survey succeeded in being bestowed“China-ASEAN Fund”, and held training courses themedas capacity building for geo-data processing. The Chinese team made China’s advanced geophysical and geochemical information technologies known to more people, and got a better knowledge of ASEAN countries’ need and their suggestions on software improvement. Such event will play a very important role in enhancing CGS’S influence and laying a better foundation for serving Asian countries with China’s technologies regardinggeological survey.


Certification Issusing and Software Distribution

Technical Excahnges with Experts from Geological Survey Institute of Guangxi Autonomous Region,China