Top 10 Technological Advancements of CAGS 2013

Top7. Theory and technology for important mineral resource prediction and assessment in China

Updated :03,05,2014

    Researcher Xiao K.Y. with his team from the Institute of Mineral Resources, under the instruction of Academician Chen Y.C. and Researcher Ye T.Z., innovatively developed a deposit model-based integrated geological information mineral prediction method system according to the requirements for the National Mineral Resource Potential Assessment program and by reference to good mineral prediction practice; performed a nation-scale resource prediction and assessment on 22 important minerals including iron, alumina, copper, lead-zinc, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, rare earth, gold, silver, stibium, magnesium, chromite, nickel, lithium, magnesite, sylvite and boron ore and so on, established a national mineral resource potential assessment and prediction database, delineated 50000 prospects and metallogenic prospects of different grades, and predicted their potential resources, providing important basis for the deployment of ore prospecting in China.

Mineral resource assessment system MRAS