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National Groundwater Monitoring Project Completed

Updated :01,30,2019

The National Groundwater Monitoring Project has been recently completed. The project was organized by the China Geological Survey with the support from 31 provincial natural resources authorities and geological environment monitoring agencies. Under this project, 10,168 national-level specialized groundwater monitoring spots have been built, making it the reality to automatically collect, do real-time transmission and reception of the monitoring data of underground water level and water temperatures in major plains, basins and residential areas, and the data can be shared real time with water conservancy departments. 

According to information, the project conducts dynamic monitoring of the water level, water temperatures and water quality (water volume) of underground water in both large and medium-sized water sources, thus guaranteeing the safety of drinking water for the general public. The information application service system of the project generates nearly 90 million data of groundwater level, water temperatures and water quality each year, which will provide important support for the scientific management of water resources, the prevention and control of geo - environment problems, and the progress of ecological civilization. Among the 10,168 monitoring stations, over 50, mainly distributed in remote areas of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Tibet and other provinces, are applied the satellite communication technology of Beidou, which served the problem-solving of monitoring data transmission in areas where there is no or weak mobile signals.