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51st Annual Session&65th Steering Committee Meeting of CCOP Held in China

Updated :11,27,2015

The 51st CCOP Annual Session was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, People’s Republic of China on 23-29November 2015, which was hosted by Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP), and undertaken by Geological Survey(CGS), Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR).The Session was attended by over 300 delegates coming from the Member Countries (CAMBODIA, CHINA, INDONESIA, JAPAN, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, LAO PDR, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND and VIETNAM), Cooperating Countries (DENMARK, FINLAND, GERMANY), Cooperating Organizations, Observersas well staff of the CCOP Technical Secretariat(CCOP TS) and experts and representatives from central and local governments’ departments of land and resources, universities and colleges and enterprises of China.

During the Opening Ceremony, welcome addresses were delivered by Zhang Hongtao, the former Permanent Representative of PRC to CCOP, and Dr Li Jinfa, the active Permanent Representative of PRC to CCOP, Deputy Director of CGS; and Mr Bai Xingbi, Deputy Director of Department ofScience & Technology and International Cooperation, MLR.  Also present was Dr Wang Xiaolie, Deputy Director of China Geological Survey(CGS), the Party Secretary of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

As one founding member country of CCOP, China has been actively involved in various activities by assisting CCOP in hosting workshops and training courses and providing financial and technical support for CCOP member countries. Dr Li Jinfa put forward three proposals on CCOP future work. Firstly, CGS welcomes other CCOP member countries, cooperating countries and related international (regional) organizations to engage in the cooperation on international geoscientific research related to “Road and Belt Initiative” for collaboration and communications in fields of energy, mineral resources, groundwater, geo-environment and geological information. Secondly,proposed by CGS, “Initiative on China- ASEAN Geological Research and Geo-hazard Relief” Project, focusing on boosting the exchanges of personnel, resources sharing, case studies and technological promotion through the efforts on costal line geo-hazard research and construction of demonstration areas for geo-hard monitoring, was approved by Chinese government recently. China promised to train a batch of technical experts on marine geosciences. CGS was willing to have CCOP member countries and ASEAN countries to get involved in the relevant activities and enhance our knowledge of the marine geosciences, and the capabilities of scientifically predicting and preventing geohazards and assessment of marine mineral resources. Thirdly, more cooperation in fields of geo-environment protection, landslide and mine environment was expected for regional geo-scientific development and win-win outcomes.

In the course of the meeting, the Member Countries, Cooperating Countries and Cooperating Organizations represented at the Session made presentations on their country and organization report. The CCOP Workplan for 2016 was presented by the CCOPTS Director for the information and comments of the Session.

A thematic session on the topic “Costal Line Geology and Geo-hazard Relief” was held and followed by a geological excursion.  

Following the 51st CCOP Annual Session was the 65th CCOP Steering Committee Meeting held at the same venue.