Top 10 Technological Advancements of CAGS 2013

Top9. Re-Os isotopic analysis opened a new approach to dating sedimentary rocks

Updated :03,05,2014

    Researcher Qu W.J. and his team from the National Research Center for Geoanalysis, under the joint support of the Ministry of Science, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and China Geological Survey, took the lead in studying sulfide Re-Os isotopic dating method in China, expanded its application and achieved remarkable performance. Following molybdenite deposits, they innovatively produced standard substance for the Re-Os dating of Cu-Ni alkides and seafloor cobalt-rich crusts, which was certified as a national class 1 standard substance. After modifying the sample selection method, high-temperature sealed dissolution and testing analysis processes, they established the Re-Os isotopic analysis technique and dating method for pyrite, arsenopyrite, limestone, graphite, asphalt and other ultralow Re-Os content series samples. Their total procedure blank and testing precision are already the international leading level. This offers a new technical approach to the isotopic dating of sedimentary rocks, hydrocarbon source rocks and oil-gas pools.

Re-Os isotopic testing