2011 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top3. Geological Theory Innovation Achieves Major Breakthrough

Updated :11,30,2012

The geological theory research of Qinghai-Tibet plateau has obtained innovative results by establishing the multi-island arc basin structure theory and continental accretion-continental collision metallogenic theory. Based on these theories, 3 huge mineralization zones have been discovered, and many super-large and large multi-metallic and metallic deposits have been discovered. Research of potash metallogenic principle gains new knowledge pointing out new potash exploration prospects. The research of south China Mesozoic tectonic deformation and dynamics has made positive progresses providing completely new ideas for the studies of South China Mesozoic intercontinental orogeny, and the creative research results of palaeontology and karst geology have been published in the world famous geosciences magazines—NatureandScience. In 2011, we won 2 Rank I and 16 Rank II Land and Resources Science and Technology Awards, and several other kinds of National and Provincial  Science and Technology Awards.

Researchers carrying out the geological survey in Qinghai-Tibet plateau