2011 Top 10 Geological Survey Progresses

Top10. Geological Survey Informatization and Information Service Realize the New development

Updated :11,30,2012

  Applying internationally advanced information technologies such as the grid technology and cloud computing, we have constructed the Geological Survey Information Grid Service Platform composed of 17 distributed nodes, which can realize the comprehensive management of huge amount of heterogeneous space data and the interconnection and collaborative service of distributed data, provide the state-level public good geological survey information, and is one of the largest industry sector-wide grid in China. Based on this Grid Service Platform, the integrated technical framework of geological information services, geological survey deployment and safety production supervision is formed, and the geological space information service ability is upgraded.

        We have established the Global Mineral Resources Information Service System with data covering 47 countries (regions). The contents of this system include the basic geological maps, mineral resources data, as well as mineral exploration guide of some countries. With this system, we have already provided information services to more than 200 units and government departments, and effectively promoted the overseas mineral resources exploration and development activities of our country. 

Geological Survey Information Grid Service Platform and the Global Mineral Resources Information System