Achievements Obtained by China Geological Survey in 2013

1. New progress obtained in basic geological survey in 2013

Updated :04,08,2014

 In 2013, the 1:50,000 geological survey accomplishments include a regional survey totaling 213 thousand sq. km in coverage, aeromagnetic survey 250 thousand sq. km and geochemical exploration 240 thousand sq. km; for the important metallogenic belts, the level of geological work has increased by 44%, 50%, and 35% respectively; in addition, the hydrogeologic survey covered 40 thousand sq. km in 2013 while the environmental geological investigation expanded by 30 thousand sq. km. As for the scale of 1:250,000 geological survey, the regional gravity survey totaled a coverage approx. 240 thousand sq. km, geochemical exploration 130 thousand sq. km, the level of geological work in land area has increased by 57% and 66% respectively; the multi-target geochemical survey covered 64 thousand sq. km and groundwater contamination survey, 200 thousand sq. km. In terms of marine geological survey, the scale of 1:1,000,000 survey covered 1,090 thousand sq. km and the scale of 1:250,000 survey covered 20 thousand sq. km.


 Four regional geological pilot projects have been launched. Workflow and technological requirements for different scales and areas of different geological types have been established in 3D geological survey pilot projects; moreover, ten conceptual models of typical zone and three 3D geologic models of ore deposit cluster have been built. The 1:50,000 special geomorphologic and geologic region pilot project, the Sino-Australia cooperative mapping and the key coastal zone geological survey pilot projects were launched.