International Cooperations

1st International Geological Survey Director-Generals Forum Debuted at China Mining

Updated :11,03,2015

As a new session introduced at China Mining Congress & Expo 2015,the first International Geological Survey Director-generals Forum had been held successfully at the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center.


Introductions were made by representatives from different countries on the mineral resources policies and regulations, the orientation, responsibilities, tasks and geological survey achievements of public service organizations. Government officials of regulatory body or directors of relevant institutes of geological survey from Peru, Sudan, Myanmar, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, New Zealand, Ghana, and Madagascar made country reports and expressed their strong desire to enhance communication and cooperation in geological survey and mining. They indicated that it was necessary to enhance international communication and cooperation on geological work for the development and prosperity of international mining community. They were willing to carry out joint research in geosciences, cooperation on geological survey and building and sharing of geosciences information, lower investment risk and achieve win-win situation through building and utilizing bilateral and multilateral cooperation network.


After the presentations, China Geological Survey signed MOU on bilateral geosciences cooperation with the Turkish Bureau of Mineral Resource Survey and Exploration, and signed the Agreement on Sino-Iranian Geosciences Mapping Cooperation with the Iran Geological Survey.


The building of International Geological Survey Director-generals Forum, together with International Mining Ministers Forum and Mining Development Summit Forum, has built at China Mining Congress & Expo an integrated system of China’s high-level forums which covers the governments, public service organizations and mining enterprises.